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Carapace Tattoo And Piercing LLP - Blog

Colorful wolf tattoo

There was a Wolf who, like most of her kind, loved the moon. This
wolf, however, found profound joy in the Moon’s soft light that she
found nowhere else – not in the hunt, not in her pack – only in her
Moon. She danced in his light and sang with abandon whenever he
shone upon her. The moon looked down at this Wolf who loved him
and he fell in love with her and her beautiful song to him. The wolf
believed she could posses the moon, someday, either by his design
or hers. When she sang her joyous songs, she sang of
“someday…someday…” The Moon agreed and promised in soft
whispers, “someday…someday…” for he was much in love with his
wolf. The wolf tried to jump to her moon. The Moon tried to leave
his orbit to touch his Wolf. Moon and Wolf learned, and taught each
other, that even if either had been able to leave their existences to
go to the other one, it would bring grave consequences, not only for
themselves but for the world as well. Wolf would die in the Moon’s
airless space, and Moon would cause massive upheaval on Earth if he
had changed his path around it. Wolf and Moon learned something
else. They learned that they would carry the joy that their love
brought them, as well as the pain of their parting, forever. The Moon
would always carry the song of the olf. The wolf would carry the soft
light of the Moon in her song. They would always love each other,
not just for the light, or for the song, but for the lesson of Life and
Love they shared together.
This is the mesmerizing story of “The Wolf and The Moon”. Carapace
Tattoo & Piercing Studio often wants to create something different,
something unique for our client. Our client came to us and stated
his/her liking’s on the wolf. We thought that every time we share the
back story of a tattoo but this time it would be different. This time
we share the back story of a tattoo but this time it would be
different. This time we actually portray a beautiful story thorough

this colourful tattoo. Our visionary tattoo artist done research and
find out this romantic story then he made this outstanding concept.
Carapace Tattoo & Piercing Studio is one of the leading tattoo
parlours in India. We always meet up our client’s need. We have the
friendliest as well as professional tattoo artist’s with us. We are the
most hygienic tattoo parlour of Kolkata. This tattoo took few hours
for completed. after completed this tattoo our client was super
excited to see his permanent body art.
So, please come if you want to share a beautiful story through the
form of permanent body art. Keep support us and follow our page
for more work.

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